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Developing strategies and clarity of mission that allow businesses, charities and governments to drive projects forward. We maximise social impact by promoting positive change.  


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Providing new and innovative approaches to diversity, inclusion and wellbeing training. Challenging unconscious biases and behaviour to transform your culture. 

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Years of film, media and marketing experience ensure you effectively communicate your message to the world. Uniquely focused on storytelling that inspires action.


Combining the best of neuroscience, positive psychology and philosophy we provide videos, articles and challenges that provide a framework for flourishing


Growing Happy Vision


Working with you to design & deliver Inclusion, Innovation and Wellbeing strategies that works. We customise programs and workshops based on your needs and vision without ever compromising on our experience and principles.


Our workshops cut through the noise, offering practical tools and processes that allow your employees to thrive. With a rational and evidence-based approach to employee wellbeing and inclusion we allow the latest science and lived experience of our diverse practitioners to shape culture, alongside your health and happiness. 

Fortunate to bring together a team of experts who share the single-minded mission to make a positive impact on the world. The projects, campaigns and films we work on must deliver change; and we are relentless in our desire to effectively communicate that change with the world. 


Our collective bring together award-winning directors, producers and editors with marketing, communication and social media experts to ensure your work has the social and environmental impact it deserves. 

By collaborating with individuals, companies and governments, we allow your voice to be heard.  

GH Media

 As a Sport and Exercise Psychologist, it provided me with skills and strategies I could use with athletes in their sport as well as transfer into their life. The interactive nature of the workshop ensured that everyone was involved and the concepts were brought to life.


The mindfulness approach and fear setting are ones that I have been able to start using within my practice as well as in my own day to day life. Thoroughly recommend workshops by Growing Happy to anyone in the future.”

Sarah, University of Birmingham

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by Russell Pearce

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Learn to meditate for 10 minutes every day

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