White Noise

Jacob Freemantle’s White Noise is about a young man’s mission to better understand mental health.


He is relentless in his search to understand the latest science, while asking whether music and the creative arts can become an important tool in improving wellbeing and alleviating depression.


Recent surveys suggest under 25s mental health has been affected more by the Pandemic than any other age group.


Jake continues to feel like there are lots of people talking about mental health, but the range of information and advice is confusing. There’s a lot of noise.


Jake is creating a much-needed documentary that tells the story through the lens of someone actually in their early 20s, trying to demystify the subject and look at specific interventions that might make things better. 

Mental ill-health as become the leading cause of disability, affecting 1 in 4 people every year in the UK (UK Governement). 


“We need to do more. Rates of depression and anxiety are just going up and up. The deeper I delve into the subject, the more clearly I see the need to shine a light, not just on the problems, but more importantly on how music and the creative arts can make a significant difference to people’s lives...”

Jake, Filmmaker