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We build capacity for purpose-driven organisations where evidence is essential to optimising, or at least improving, performance.


We are committed to accessible research inquiry!

We ensure your work makes sense, so you can concentrate on maximising its potential to make change.

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Our partners use us to create logic models as a backbone for their services, and for evidence collection models that give structure to measure and manage ongoing performance. 


Our dynamic models change with you as you change for the better as a result of your learnings. Bringing your mission and services into alignment, underscored richly by pertinent data, helps you communicate and maximise your impact in an increasingly competitive environment. 


Growing Happy Programmes, Workshops & Events

Reimagining Wellbeing & Eudaimonia

Our workshops cut through the noise, offering practical tools that is reflected in both business and employee benefits. With a rational and evidence-based approach to employee wellbeing, we let the data shape your future decision-making! 

Built around Aristotle’s idea of flourishing, as a virtue-based eudaimonia the workshop explores the importance of Resilience, Mindfulness, Presence, Purpose, Vulnerability and Commitment in rewiring our brains for meaningful, happy lives.  


From developing new habits and neural pathways to nurturing a growth-mindset we empower everyone to take action and live a more engaged, balanced life.

With meticulously crafted performance metrics and impact analysis, we ensure our programmes create long-term change. 


Radical Inclusion

Working with Chickenshed Theatre we offer a blueprint for Inclusion that is not a 'nice to have'; it is intrinsic to creating a successful and thriving culture.

Developed by skilled practitioners over 45 years, we combine the latest science with powerful performances and engaging activities to drive behaviour change and ensure you never view diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias in the same way. 


Our clearly measurable and empowerment-focused facilitation approach unlocks innovation and new ways of thinking, while providing the tools and thought provoking discussion to put inclusion and creativity at the heart of your business culture. 


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