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The Space Between Us

A creative arts programme developed by CHICKENSHED (the most inclusive, forward-thinking and empowering organisation we've ever worked with) that demonstrates the power of devised theatre  to improve wellbeing and rebuild community. At a time when many people feel that human connection and community is being lost, this project shows the world what is possible.

We support CHICKENSHED in funding the programme; measuring its impact and ensuring it grows sustainably, as it expands across the UK.  

Louise Perry, Chickenshed’s Managing Director, said:"the arts can provide a positive space for individuals, who may feel isolated and excluded, to re-define their lived experience and transform their lives.

“This process can really banish loneliness and improve mental health…getting involved with this project has been the most inspiring, uplifting experience I have had for years, it has made me feel alive again”. 


Participant, Space Between Us Project


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