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Bee The Change

Bee The Change is a collaboration between GROWING HAPPY and ZAYED HIGHER ORGANISATION (ZHO) that launched in 2019. 

Working alongside individuals with disabilities, it's a global initiative creating more job opportunities, placements and social enterprises.

Under the new BEE brand, ZHO and its students have already created over 500 new job opportunities, 4 new startups and a new recycling campaign called BEE Green. 

With less than 10% of individuals with intellectual disabilities in employment we believe it's time for change. This campaign seeks to promote a more inclusive, tolerant, open minded and equal society. 

"The creation of our new ‘BEE’ brand and the Bee The Change campaign represents our desire to show society the talents and abilities of individuals with disabilities".

H.E. Abdulla Al Humaidan, General Secretary ZHO

Bee Green 

A new recycling and environmental programme launches as part of Bee The Change. 

With up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic entering the oceans every year (GREENPEACE) everyone has an opportunity to a make a difference. 

ZHO are aiming to change the landscape of plastic recycling across Abu Dhabi by taking plastic bottles and turning them into school uniforms made in their own custom-built workshop.

The workshop currently trains and employs over 100 individuals with disabilities. 


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