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Bear Grylls inspriration, drive social impact

To inspire, celebrate and magnify positive change taking place across society. 


Through expert programme delivery and world class communication, we increase the impact of social, economic and environmental charities, businesses and governments aiming to deliver change across the world.  


We won't rest until your story is told and your project reaches the individuals who will benefit most. We work with you to develop a sustainable strategy for the future.  

Fundamental to our approach is the empowerment of those participants or groups that truly understand the issue and will drive the project forward when the media has moved on.

Our vision is to create a happier world by enabling individuals and communities to flourish. 

With collaboration and a shared purpose we encourage everyone to take action and live a more engaged, passionate and meaningful life.


Through our programme delivery, workshops and communication expertise, we are focused on improving wellbeing.


We cut through the noise and support individuals, communities and businesses in transforming their mental, physical and spiritual happiness. 

We provide rational and evidence-based approaches to wellbeing and inclusion


Wellbeing Workshops to improve mental, physical health to live a meaningful life


Pearce meditation, living in the moment



Learn to sit, listen, breathe and observe without judging and attaching.

 Find greater balance in your crazy life by recognising the danger of attaching to your whirring thoughts, feelings and emotions. Learn acceptance and gratitude while sitting and observing these thoughts without letting them define you. 

Special Olympics event, learning to give more



A true art: the power of focusing on helping others and by helping others also helping yourself.

Life can be hard and by changing your approach very slightly, shifting your focus to someone else, you can release a huge amount of pressure and start rebuilding your own happiness by helping others grow theirs. Find a new focus now.  

Commitment, build habits ,develop routines


Break it down, find your flow, build great habits and grow your purpose slowly day by day.

By committing to Growing Happy you are committing to change and we will ensure you are exposed to the very best of lifestyle design.

Start building the muscle of habit now.

A community that supports and shares experiences with you.


Build your community, be open, share experiences and grow together. It's just easier.


Having the right community can build you up, support you, and help you grow, with massive benefits to your mental and physical well-being. It makes commitment and giving easier, while increasing your likelihood of maintaining a new positive behaviour.

Try more. Give more. Be more. Growing Happy believes that the relationships and communities you form, will have the biggest overall impact on your life. 

By meeting passionate, challenging and inspiring people Growing Happy will change the course of your life.


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