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Combining the best of neuroscience, positive psychology and philosophy, we work with you to develop a framework for flourishing. From diversity & inclusion to developing 'theories of change', leadership, wellbeing or unconscious bias, our approach is tailored to your vision and delivered by a diverse range of experts and researchers with over 40 years experience.

 Create a joined up strategy that works and a culture that your People trust 

Transform your Approach

Reimagining Wellbeing

Our workshops cut through the noise, offering practical tools and strategies that allow your employees to thrive. With a rational and evidence-based approach to employee wellbeing, we allow the latest science to shape health and happiness. 

Built around Aristotle’s idea of flourishing, as a virtue-based eudaimonia the workshop explores the importance of Resilience, Mindfulness, Presence, Purpose, Vulnerability and Commitment in rewiring our brains for meaningful, happy lives.  

Importantly, Aristotle believed we are not born virtuous, but have the opportunity to become virtuous through the RIGHT EFFORT. Our ability to FLOURISH, to LEARN, GROW and LIVE WELL is within OUR CONTROL.


From developing new habits and neural pathways to nurturing a growth-mindset we empower everyone to take action and live a more engaged, balanced life.

Radical Inclusion

Working with Chickenshed Theatre we offer a blueprint for Inclusion that is not a 'nice to have'; it is intrinsic to creating a successful and thriving culture.

Powerful performances and engaging activities that drive change and ensure you never view diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias in the same way. 

"Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance." (Verna Myers). 


Our groundbreaking approach to unlocking potential provides the tools and thought provoking discussion to put inclusion and creativity at the heart of your business culture. 


World-class Researchers

Working with a collective of PhD qualified researchers embedded within academic and applied research environments.


Operating internationally with teams based in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the USA, they utilise teaching and research experience to increase the capacity of not-for-profits, companies, governments and of philanthropic funding bodies through the creation of robust program-logic models (Theory of Change models) and meaningful outcomes measurement frameworks (research structures).


Our partners utilise these processes to communicate richly with existing and potential sources of investment whilst strengthening their service offerings.

Additional Workshops

We've carefully selected the right experts in a range of different areas from Health and Wellbeing to Art, Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Music.

By bringing together a selection of elite coaches, performers and wellbeing specialists we want to lead the way in designing new strategies to deal with the challenges of a hyper-virtual world. 

We believe this flexible approach allows us to deliver the most suitable classes and training for your organisation, while proving capability and building trust in our partnership. 

CSR & Charity Partners

Working with a variety of local and national charities, we allow your people to start getting involved in the right initiatives for them.

Creating a strategy for giving and ingraining contribution in your company culture, will elevate your brand and allow people to co-operate and deliver at another level.

Find out about some of our latest campaigns and how you can get involved. 

Tailored Growth Boxes for corporate clients, just let us know!

We can customise and tailor our boxes to suit corporate clients who want to show their employees how much they’re appreciated. Reduce staff attrition and show your employees they are really looked after with a beautifully thought-out Growth Box.