We want this to be a community that talks openly about ways to grow your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We explore what works, what doesn't and what may work in the future. A place to share the dark times, reflect on the good and explore helpful ways to build a healthier, happier future.


Combining the best of neuroscience, positive psychology and philosophy we introduce frameworks for flourishing. We are not born virtuous, but have the opportunity to become virtuous through the RIGHT EFFORT. Our ability to FLOURISH, to LEARN, GROW and LIVE WELL is within OUR CONTROL.

Don't hesitate, join us and together we will make a difference.

Rethinking your Health

Wise approaches to improving your physical approach and making change stick

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by Russell Pearce 

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Learn to meditate for 10 minutes every day

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Fill the Whole's

Lara Crowther

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Adaptagens - why we should give them a try

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