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Projects That Change Lives 


Special Olympics World Games 2019

We supported Creative Agency People in developing the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of Special Olympics World Games. As the largest humanitarian event in 2019 it was broadcast to millions of people all over the world. 

We spent 8 months engaging communities across the UAE, running workshops; filming inspirational stories; and organising outreach events that allowed People of Determination to develop core creative elements of the show. 

It was an opportunity for them to tell the world their story, while showcasing their talents on a global stage.


With their ability, determination and spirit the team showed the world their talents and led the movement to create a more unified world! 

“Tomorrow, I will have the same condition I have today, but after the Special Olympics I will handle it differently. I hope other people will now realise I can contribute to society. This experience gives me more hope for the future and has supported me in being the best that I can be”.


Rebecca, Special Olympics Medalist & Ceremony Creator

The Space Between Us

The workshop programme developed by Chickenshed Theatre shows the power of performing arts power to improve mental health and wellbeing, while rebuilding communities. At a time when many people feel that human connection and community is being lost, this project shows the world what is possible.

Louise Perry, Chickenshed’s Managing Director, said:"performing arts can provide a positive space for individuals, who may feel isolated and excluded, to re-define their lived experience and transform their lives.


The partnership with Growing Happy will enable ‘The Space Between Us’ to promote communities as holding the solutions to society’s problems. It demonstrates that we all can take responsibility in ensuring the voices of those communities are heard.”

“This process can really banish loneliness and improve mental health…getting involved with this project has been the most inspiring, uplifting experience I have had for years, it has made me feel alive again”. 


Participant, Space Between Us Project

I Can Cookies

The Bee is a brand that has been created to represent any produce or service made by an individual with a disability (People of Determination - a new term used across the Middle East). 


One of the first social enterprises launched under the brand is I Can Cookies, a vegan, plant-based cookie company started by Alia Al Zaabi. 


Alia is a Special Olympics Gold Medalist and she's on a mission to build her own company that celebrates what people 'Can Do'.


“Making a dream reality often involves support and resources beyond what a person has individually.  My dreams for Alia my daughter who has Down Syndrome, remained elusive for many years until I met Rupert Pearce.  


I soon realized Rupert lived his life inspiring hope and encouraging others to reach their full potential.  His dedication to this end goes far beyond just words.  With persistence that never gives up, he wholeheartedly invested all his energy and influence to not only make our wish come true, but also secure a future for Alia.  Words fail to express my gratitude, but this I can say unequivocally;  Rupert, you make the world a better place!   


Heather, I Can Cookies

Barons Court Project

Growing Happy are working closely with Barons Court Project, a day centre in Hammersmith and Fulham supporting people on low incomes who are vulnerable to mental ill health and / or homelessness. 

With mental ill-health, loneliness and homelessness on the rise, we need more safe spaces where people can start to rebuild their lives and reconnect to society. 

Our last event helped fund boxes of essential supplies for the homeless and those suffering with mental ill-health.

We're now looking at our next groups of projects with Barons Court and this is a  opportunity for anyone in our community to start giving.

We will continue to run immersive Charity Events to provide this important organisation with additional funding at a time when many local authorities are cutting back their level of support. 

"Evening engagements are very much part of my work and I don’t begrudge them.
But this evening wasn’t work, it was a wonderful time where I had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely people, while eating well, enjoying Ed’s dance and so so much more.Thank you very much indeed."


Michael Angus, Director at Barons Court Project

Charity Events Bringing Communities Together

We are always better when we are doing something good for someone else, so we decided to build a community of like-minded people who want to make a difference.  


Growing Happy events combine music, poetry, dance, meditation, yoga, great food and wonderful people to create an atmosphere that breeds fun, new friendships and a common purpose. 


True happiness is hard to attain without focusing on how you can positively affect others' lives. We will always encourage contribution, as a fundamental part of your growth journey. 

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