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How are you growing today?


The  GROWTH BOX Package


Specially curated to provide products and experiences that support your mental, physical and emotional growth.
The first box theme: Let us take you on a journey......


We want every month to be a wonderful surprise, but each box may include any number of superfoods and edible artisan delights, specially designed artwork, relaxation and massage oils, musical instruments and meditation tools, plants and recommendation cards, alongside many other products to support your Growing Happy journey.

The  GROWTH   BOX  includes:


  • 10 carefully chosen wellbeing products created by specially selected partners who truly want to improve your mental and physical health
  • Growing Happy Mood Diary
  • Exclusive 10 minute Growing Happy instruction videos by experts in their field
  • 'Growing Happy Book of the Month'
  • 20 minute initial consultation to work out an initial framework to support your growth journey
  • Give Back Contribution - money from every GROWTH BOX bought will go towards a 'Charity Box' of essential supplies for the homeless

Total Package for 12 Months only £699.99.

Includes Shipping, one payment, no hassle. 

True retail value for 12 months of GROWTH BOX packages: over £1380.00. 


A great way to explore new products at a fraction of the price, while setting yourself up for a true growth journey. 

The GROWTH BOX Package for 12 Months