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Form great habits and unlock your true purpose

By committing to Growing Happy you are committing to change, and we will ensure you are exposed to the very best of lifestyle design.


Growing will allow you to explore and then commit to a number of practices that will become part of your daily routine.


Whether it is morning yoga, practicing a new martial art, spending 15 minutes on the phone to a loved one or reading for 10 minutes before bed, Growing Happy subscribers will decide on an initial frequency and time-allotment, before committing to keeping that routine for at least 30 days.


Individuals or teams will then record and track their progress through the App and watch the progress, as the positive behaviours start to become habits. 

Growing Happy and our community will support and reinforce those behaviours, so that subscribers do not become disillusioned by initial setbacks.  


By constantly reinforcing positive behaviours throughout the program, you will see incredible transformations mental and physical wellbeing. 




The Art of Generosity

Growing Happy makes giving back easy and enjoyable by introducing simple ways to contribute time, skills or funds to helping other people in the community thrive. Just by subscribing you are giving back to the children that need our support.

Giving back is so powerful, because it reduces the focus on oneself and allows users to concentrate on helping others.


When feeling low or depressed it is so easy to focus on oneself and become obsessed with what you haven’t done, can’t do, are incapable, or scared of doing, so that you become even more miserable. By changing the focus very slightly and shifting your perspective to focus on someone else, you can release that pressure and start rebuilding your own confidence by helping others.


Growing Happy can promote generosity and giving back in many many forms, but by encouraging users to approach every day with the simple thought: “what can I do to help others today” is incredibly empowering and will cause great shifts in perspective. 


Grow your Community and Share Experiences

Growing Happy brings you new and exciting ways to meet inspiring people through our online community, app and in-person events. We are making it easy for you to join a committed, generous community who want to find better ways to grow together.

Humans (homo sapiens) have evolved as incredibly social creatures and, while not always easy, building relationships and connections with other people allows us to give back and commit at a whole new level.


A community can and will build you up, support you, and help you grow with massive benefits to your mental and physical well-being. Not only does the community make the activity, routine, or pastime more fun, but the act of sharing with others, actually makes it easier to commit and increases your likelihood of keeping the behaviour up. You start to want to share your improvements with your community and it provides a much larger network for giving back. 


Appreciation and Contentment

Our ancient brains are always whirring with hopes, dreams, fears, anxieties and what if’s; most people feel overwhelmed and out of control.


People continue to think about the mind and body in isolation, but Growing Happy is passionate about reconnecting the two. Our objective is for you to find ways to accept and be grateful for the present moment.


Growing Happy will seek to reconnect the mind and body in the present moment through various practices and routines, while also building the muscle of gratitude.


We almost always have something to be grateful for, but by focusing on the bad stuff, the disappointing news, the worst-case scenarios we weaken that ability to focus on the ‘good stuff’, the new opportunities and the beauty of the present moment.   


Growing Happy will always encourage you to be thankful for the little things; and by connecting you with an awesome community; by helping you to commit to life in a new way; and by allowing you to give back to others more easily than ever; we will help you find your mental and physical balance.

Bringing you the tools to improve your mental and physical well-being

Explore the Growing Happy App and Monthly Subscription Box to uncover the necessary practices, techniques and instruction to rejuvenate your mental and physical health.