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Lama Chunzom

Venerable Lobsang Chunzom, a New York City Buddhist nun dedicates her life to inspiring people to be healthy and happy by focusing on the health and happiness of others.  With leaders in the arts and health professions, she founded a nonprofit organization Limitless Health Institute to offer innovative multimedia art programs that encourage people to help others on their journey to reach health and happiness (


A passion for improvisational dance and performance arts led her to choreograph and direct productions of interactive experiential theater to promote individual expression within the community. As a Creative Arts Therapist, specializing in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy, she collaborates with schools, hospitals, and corporations by designing inner and outer wellness programs to enrich team relationships while achieving personal success.


Her extensive training in ancient meditation techniques and experience participating in deep meditation retreats, including a three-year meditation retreat in solitude and silence, gives today's meditator a unique opportunity to learn how to meditate for the benefit of others. Around the world, Venerable Chunzom teaches comprehensive Buddhist philosophy courses (, and guides people to develop a meditation practice to enhance peace within and grow more compassionate every day.

Prem Prakash

Prem Prakash was raised in Philadelphia, where he tried his best to be a tough guy. During his youth, he thought about little besides girls and sports. Since then, through the kindness of his teachers, he has stumbled into some degree of spiritual awakening.

With the approval of his yoga guru, Baba Hari dass, Prem Prakash established the Green Mountain School of Yoga, in Middlebury, Vermont, in 1991. In 2007, Prem Prakash was honored by the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition with the title, Yogi Raj, “Master of Yoga.” In 2008, the Institute awarded him their Annual Service Award. Prem Prakash currently works with a diverse population of students including spiritual aspirants, elite athletes, and traumatized children. 

Prem Prakash is the author of numerous published essays and poems, and five critically acclaimed books, including The Universal Yoga; Three Paths of Devotion; The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion; Yoga American Style; and the Song of the Guru.

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