Films that inspire action and drive change created by professionals with years of experience working on global initiatives!  

We've teamed up with an award-winning media and communications team with years of experience across film, tv, radio, social media, branding and campaigns who want to put social impact over profit! 

We focus 100% of our time on projects that drive positive social and/or environmental change (as judged and demonstrated by our team of PhD Researchers).

For every new project we: 

                                 1. Empower the beneficiaries of the campaign to make their own films and media content 
                                 2. Train and mentor supported interns who will become our future colleagues 



Any profits go into the Growing Happy Project Fund to support other campaigns or initiatives that need our skills, but can’t afford to pay for them. 


Belief in the Campaign.

We only work on stories and campaigns that everyone in the team is passionate about elevating to a global audience. By building stronger and deeper relationships with our beneficiaries and collaborators than anyone in the industry, we find the right way to expand reach and build momentum. We don't compromise and we know: the easy way, is not always the right way.


Utilising the latest developments in computing power, intelligence tools and machine learning our skilled team of data analysts develop real-time insights that incorporate knowledge from across the worlds of biology, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy. Our agile approach gives us the ability to heavily tailor campaigns and pivot quickly when things aren’t working.



Tamsin Herbert


Experienced Executive Producer with a passion for creating original and authentic content. Broad and varied experience from broadcast to digital with a reputation for solving the most challenging problems and building highly-talented production teams that deliver world-class campaigns and content.


Extremely proud of working with global brands on some of the biggest campaigns of the last 20 years. Some highlights include a series of films about inspiring Paralympians for Channel 4, a short film created with young people who have grown up living with HIV which launched on World Aids Day, a Cancer Research Commercial and a feature film 'Night Bus' which won Best Feature Film at the British Independent Festival. 


Other great clients include: GoogleHonda, Barclays Premier League, Amazon TV, Cancer Research, General Motors and Ford Motors. 


Tamsin is ferociously good at anything she does and we’re very grateful she’s not been persuaded to join the UN or some massive global conglomerate.


David Freemantle


Having run a Production House for many years, David has over 30 years-experience across Pre and Post-Production: Directing, Editing and Managing projects for clients right across the world.  


With a contagious energy and drive to create fresh ideas, there is a deep love and care for producing impactful films and media content that changes the way people think. From a young age, he has created visual experiences that transform behaviour and help clients connect with their audiences through the power of film. 


Trusted by the most impressive and successful figures in the industry, David’s most notable clients and projects include: a number of feature films for MGM and Film 4; commercials for Rolex, Sky and Lloyds Bank; alongside a number of shorts for London Paralympics 2012 and Special Olympics World Games 2019.


As David says “When I very first started messing about with film-making at the age of 17, I knew that it was for me”. We’ve tried many pictures on this page, but his wife still thinks he looks like a thug! Get to know him in real-life and you won’t be disappointed...


Adam Hinton


I believe in the good of people. Wherever I have travelled, the people I have met and stayed with have been welcoming and open. Even in the most dire situations, when almost everything seems negative, I find myself filming and photographing the positives.


When I stayed with a family in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro I found that in spite of the level of violence surrounding people living there, it was outweighed by the community’s cohesion. With the ballet classes for the children, art clubs and after-school care the families supported each other and the community had a strong sense of social solidarity.


Adam has been involved in some truly inspirational projects and we’re incredibly excited to have his skills, passion and artistic power behind the Growing Happy team. 


When we said, do you want to be involved? Adam replied: “right, where we going then...”. Adam’s a man that shares our  belief that everyone has the potential to truly change the world. Let’s just see hey! 


Kieran Hodges


Kieran is a multi-skilled director and internationally award-winning filmmaker, specialising in off-grid adventures and expeditions,  documentary making and inspiring storytelling.

As a diehard explorer, Kieran Hodges is known for his unrivaled energy and natural ability to connect with people, imbuing his stories with substance and heart.


From ice fishing in the Arctic and scaling desert dunes in the UAE to hiking volcanoes on the Pacific Island of Vanuatu, Kieran Hodges is a true professional, thriving behind the camera, wherever in the world he may be.


As our fun-loving Kiwi, Kieran is known for his ability to fall in love on shoots all over the world. He hasn’t been able to persuade anyone to settle down with him quite yet...

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