Films that inspire action and drive change created by professionals with years of experience working on global initiatives and campaigns. 

We've teamed up with an award-winning  film, media and communications team with years of experience across film, broadcast, radio, social media, PR, branding and advertising, who want to put social impact over profit! 

We focus 100% of our time on projects that drive positive social and/or environmental change (as judged and demonstrated by our team of PhD Researchers).


Belief in the Campaign.

We only work on stories and campaigns that everyone in the team is passionate about elevating to a global audience. By building stronger and deeper relationships with our beneficiaries and collaborators than anyone in the industry, we find the right way to expand reach and build momentum. We don't compromise and we know: the easy way, is not always the right way.


Utilising the latest developments in computing power, intelligence tools and machine learning our skilled team of data analysts develop real-time insights that incorporate knowledge from across the worlds of biology, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy. Our agile approach gives us the ability to heavily tailor campaigns and pivot quickly when things aren’t working.

For every new project we: 

                                 1. Empower the beneficiaries of the campaign to make their own films and media content 
                                 2. Train and mentor supported interns who will become our future colleagues 



Any profits go into the Growing Happy Project Fund to support other campaigns or initiatives that need our skills, but can’t afford to pay for them. 

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